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Breathe with me

creating pathways to more energy and less stress

6 week Breathwork Intesive


karen anne fasulo
breathwork teacher & coach

Karen Anne Fasulo, Loka Yoga Certified Breathwork Teacher, Speaker and Coach, has 25 years of experience with managing anxiety and stress with breathwork.  Now she is sharing her experience with you, empowering you. 


In this 6 week breathwork intensive, we will cover

Studies have shown that in healthy beings, our breathing pattern has an influence on our quality of life, length and quantity of life

When we allow the breath to flow into our body, and let go of the need to fix or control our experience, we are able to release resistance and welcome in all our aliveness.

Some of the potential benefits of breathworks include:

  • Greater clarity (e.g. regarding purpose, life goals, what’s really important)

  • Significant reduction in anxiety

  • A deeper or renewed sense of connection – to self, others, nature, and the Universe or higher power

  • Greater self confidence

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Improved motivation / less procrastination

  • Less stress / improved ability to effectively handle stress

  • Reduction in muscle tension

  • Greater freedom of movement

  • Decrease in physical pain

  • Better sleep / alleviation of insomnia and other sleep disturbances

  • Increased or revived libido

A consistent breathwork promotes healing at the deepest level.  Many health issues, disorders, behavioural problems are rooted in unresolved emotional issues.  Therefore, breathwork can be beneficial for a wide range of disorders, conditions and concerns. 

Following are just some of the disorders, conditions and concerns that can benefit from breathwork:

  • Unresolved grief and loss

  • PTSD and unresolved trauma

  • Alcohol or drug addiction

  • Generalized anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Phobias

  • Depression

  • Anger problems

  • Sleep problems

  • Chronic pain

Please be aware not all breathwork is suitable for everyone. And like with any new physical program, you should consult your healthcare professional before starting breathwork.

 *It is recommended that you consult your healthcare provider before participating in any form of breathwork.  Karen Anne Fasulo and Loka Yoga is not responsible or held liable for any injuries that may occur.

Meditating in Nature

You are the master of your experience

What you will Learn

Week 1


Thoracic Breathing

Ujjayi (psychic breath)

Week 2


Clavicular Breathing

Bhastrica (bellows breath)

Week 3


Yogic Breathing

Viloma (against the grain)

Week 4


Natural Breathing

Nadi Shodhana

Week 5


Mouth Breathing

Circular Breathing

Week 6


Holotropic Breathing

Bhramari (humming bee breath

What you will receive with your investment

We will meet each week virtually for 60 minutes.

Each class, we will review the previous weeks techniques, and then add on from there. 

You will be given a workbook each week explaining the techniques so you can practice on your own.

All this for a 1 time investment of $175* 

* all funds are charged in USD

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