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Breathe with Me
Breathwork Card Deck

I am so excited that you picked up the Breathe With Me breathwork card deck. In this deck, you will find a combination of breathing exercises, daily tips, mantras and quotes. I created these cards with the hope that they will help you become more attuned with your breath so you can live a long, happy, healthy life.

52 individually designed cards

These beautifully designed cards are simple to use. They have crafted words and images to bring you inspiration, simplicity, and clarity to your breathwork practice. Some cards will have written instructions and others will have illustrations on how to perform each breathwork technique. You do not need to spend a lot of time everyday on your breathwork to feel the benefits. Every step is a step closer to the life and health that you desire.

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What you will receive

  • 8 Traditional Pranayama Breathwork Techniques

  • 11 Modern Breathwork Techniques

  • 18 Breathwork Mantras

  • 15 Ways to Improve your breath patterns

  • 1 Organza bag to keep the cards in

  • 1 wooden block to hold your daily card

"A Must Have!  I have seen a significant level of calm improvement in my life since incorporating Breath work into my daily routine. It’s fun to choose a card and have that be the pre breath I begin my meditation with."


"I keep the beautiful cards on my desk and look forward to selecting one per day. I have added them to my daily practices.

Breath work calms my day and sets me up for success and peace.

Karen is an excellent coach and the directions on the cards are easy to follow.

Keeping them visible throughout the day is a wonderful reminder to pause and reset.

Buy a set for yourself and gift others in your life.

One person found this helpful"


"I highly recommend these to everyone!  These Breathwork cards by Karen Fasulo, are not only beautiful, they are a game changer!
I use these cards daily as part of my routine to relax and set my intentions for my day ahead.
Everyone should be introduced to Breathwork by an expert instructor like Karen and purchase these cards. Thank you Karen for bringing these to the market.


"The breathwork cards are fantastic! I have my set and they are so helpful."


Where you can purchase your set

In the US

In Canada or Europe

Kundalini Yoga Lotus
EL BWM  Intro to Card Deck
Karen Anne Fasulo

EL BWM Intro to Card Deck

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