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My Story

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Passionate About Helping Others

Entrepreneurship is in my blood.  I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, my father, grandfather, uncles.   I didn't always know what I was supposed to do and I tried different career paths before finding my calling.


My childhood was spent on The Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.  I moved to Toronto with my family when I was a teen.  Although I love the scenery of B.C. and miss my family, I come alive from the energy in Toronto.


When I was young I couldn't wait to start working, earning my own money, to live on my own, buy my own stuff, I wanted to try out all different kinds of jobs.  Jobs in fast food, retail at the local mall.  When I went to college, I worked for the school and at a local nightclub on the weekends.  Although these jobs didn't result in career employment, what they did teach me is how to deal with all kinds of people.  It also taught me the importance of seeing, not just watching others before you react.  


Once I was married and wanted to start a family, I needed to get a "real" job in an office.  That is where I learned to importance of processes, organization, roles, and procedures.  A company with hundreds of employees, manufacturing its products over multiple countries needs to have their systems in place.  I worked my way through the ranks and was associated with many different departments.  When I started a family though, my priorities changed.  


My children became my focus.  I chose to put my career on hold so I could be the one to raise my girls.  To this day, that was the best decision I made.  Sure it was hard financially, also mentally.  I missed the corporate life, I missed the need to dress up and that people listened to what I suggested.  I spent the next 6 years discussing why we don't eat dirt with my 3 children.  That is when that feeling in the pit of my stomach just wouldn't go away.  I wanted more.  I wanted to be able to work and raise my kids.  The corporate world changed since I had been on it 6 years prior.  I was able to research online, take courses, and invest in myself while the kids were at school and napping.  


I started my first company, a cake decorating business.  I grew it slowly over the following 5 years until the point where it was ready to launch in a retail environment.  Now I had contracts, employees, customers.  I created schedules, marketing plans, contract negotiations.....worked with local charities, I was feeling so fulfilled.  Just when things were starting to feel right for me professionally, my personal life was in trouble. My marriage ended and now it was me and my 3 girls.  My business is what kept me going I am sure of it.  


In the next 5 years, I endured the biggest life struggles I could have imagined.  I am very fortunate to have such strong family support for my girls and myself.  I also had strength from my business.  My employees and customers supported me and kept me focused on the future.  I never could have imagined the journey I went on to self-discovery.  I have become a stronger, more compassionate person than I ever thought possible.  My new mantra.....It doesn't hurt to try....... that is so rewarding, so freeing of the mind.


The worst that can happen is you stay exactly where you are now.  You enter a competition and you don't win, then you stay the same as where you were before you entered.....but that is not true, is it?  Through preparing you are growing, learning, new processes, new skills, new attitude.  You may not win, but you have learned.  And next time, you will have a better result.


I am now excited to be in the position to be able to share my experiences with other businesses. I look forward to hearing your story and sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.  

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