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Karen Fasulo, an award-winning cake decorator, and baker, has been an entrepreneur since 2005. Karen Fasulo is the founder and Chief Business Strategist of Karen Anne Fasulo where she uses her experience and expertise in the pastry industry to support other entrepreneurs.  Karen’s greatest strength is guiding businesses to get organized and on the right track to further success.  


Karen is committed to growing her knowledge in this fast-paced world.  She has achieved her Certificate in Business Analysis, Certified Maxwell Method DISC Trainer, and is a Licensed and Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

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I’ve spent over 18 years working with restaurants to build efficiencies that save money and generate more new revenue.  Whether your business is booming or you’re trying to figure out efficiencies to keep your doors open, I can help you find a faster path to success across marketing, operations, and service delivery. I’ll listen and understand your journey, then deliver an actionable plan to get you there. I want to see you succeed, and I can’t wait to eat at your restaurant someday.  



Together, we can strategize the best possible solutions to attain your personal or business goals. 

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Want to spend more time working on your business instead of managing your employee's conflicts?

I am a Certified Maxwell Method D.I.S.C. Trainer.  Through this training, I can help guide you and offer the tools for your team to work together effectively, minimizing conflict and maximizing results.


Leadership is often thought of as coming from top-level executives.  But every person has a role to play when it comes to leadership.

How much would it cost your business to have someone look at your business from the outside and offer value-based solutions to achieve your company goals?  


Would that bring value to your day-to-day operations?   Many large companies have found this role to bring exceptional value to their enterprise. 


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ABOUT Karen Anne Fasulo


When I think back on my best days, I think of the people I met in restaurants—the journeys they’ve shared with me and the success we’ve built together. I love learning what makes people tick and coaching them toward the next stage in their lives and businesses. 


After consulting with restaurants and running my own, I know what it takes to introduce people to new marketing concepts, transition your model during hard times, and look at challenges in the eye. I also know it takes a nurturing partner who’s there to listen and truly cares about your story when you’re asking yourself hard questions like when am I going to make money again.  


Restaurants that survive are investing in new marketing, operations, and service models.  That’s when people call me. I’ve been there, and I’ve made hard decisions about my restaurants. I know how you feel, and I’ll coach you along the journey from fear to future. Whether you’re a national chain or local Mom and Pop shop, we all need people we can rely on in our lives.


If you’re looking for someone who can create efficient post-COVID processes, help you design a better digital experience for your restaurant online, or coach your restaurant management team, call me.

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