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5 Reason Why You NEED to
Learn to Breathe Properly!

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Our breath is our lifeline to a long happy healthy life.

Welcome to the transformative world of breathwork, where the simple act of breathing becomes a profound gateway to unlocking your full potential and enhancing your overall well-being.
Girl sitting crosslegged with her arms stretched out over her knees.  Her eyes are closed and she looks to be meditating.

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In today's fast-paced and often stressful world, many of us are searching for effective methods to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and find a sense of inner peace. Breathwork offers a powerful solution, allowing you to tap into the incredible healing and revitalizing potential of your own breath.

Benefits You Will Begin to feel Immediately

Path to Relaxation

Greater Emotional Balance

Increased Energy

girl is sitting crosslegged on the ground.  She has one had on her stomach and one hand on her heart.  Here eyes are closed and she is meditating.

Better quality Sleep

Deeper Connection to your Inner Self

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Breathwork is a Timeless Practice that can empower you to achieve your goals and so much more

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Karen Anne Fasulo, an International Speaker, Certified Breathwork Trainer & Coach, teaches how to use breathwork techniques so you will feel your best.  She not only shares with you the techniques but also explains the science behind it.


8 years later and with lots of learning, Karen Anne Fasulo, is a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker as well as a Certified D.I.S.C. Behaviour Analysis Trainer and uses her training, but also her personal experience to help people just like YOU navigate through the steps to happier, healthier life.


Karen’s motto is in order to have a great relationship with your children, you first must have a great relationship with yourself.

I found Karen's calm encouragement motivating and non-judgemental. She made me feel like it was ok to admit that I had problems that I had absolutely no solution for. That was empowering for me. Her steps helped me to start the huge task of starting and once I did I was surprised at how much I had to write down. I feel that I will refer to the steps again to break down obstacles that feel too big to deal with going forward. I found the last exercise extremely effective and that left me in a very positive space. Towards the end of the course, I fully trusted Karen's understanding of how to guide moms like me to move from the source of any problem (kid-related or not) to a solution. 


Jodi - Mom to Teens



1-1 Coaching to learn and create a consistent breathwork practice.  Once we understand your needs, we then create a schedule that works to achieve your goals. 

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How you Can Work With Me

girl sitting crossed legged on the floor. One hand on her heart, one hand on her stomach.  Her eyes are closed and she has a flower in her hair.



Breathwork is so important to our overall wellbeing.  Unfortunately, many people do not breathe properly and are missing out on the important health benefits.  If you think about it, the way we breathe when we are calm and peaceful is different from the way we breathe when we are angry or upset. Our respiratory system is the only system in our body that is spontaneous and at the same time under our control.

girl sitting crossed legged on the ground with her arms stretched over her knees.  Her eyes are closed, she is meditating.
Meditation at the office


Incorporate Breathwork into Your Corporate Wellness Program.


It is well-recognized that workplace-related anxiety and stress can contribute to a high rate of employee turnover.  As an employer, you have the opportunity to proactively address this issue by providing your employees with the valuable tool of breathwork to effectively manage their stress. 


When we hear the word Leadership, we often think of the business world.

Whom do you think all those leaders first learned from?  We first learn leadership from our parents.


Creating happy, healthy, harmonious relationships are the best leadership skills you can teach your kids.

I have created a program that will combine teachings from the world's top Leadership master, John C. Maxwell, and the compassion required to lead children who have special needs into a 6-week program.

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