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Kundalini Namaste

get ready for 2022!

December 27, 28, 29 & 30th

4 days of breathwork to ground yourself and focus your goals for the upcoming year 


Karen Anne Fasulo
Breathwork Teacher

Karen Anne Fasulo, Loka Yoga Certified Breathwork Teacher, Speaker and Coach, has 25 years of experience with managing anxiety and stress with breathwork.  Now she is sharing her experience with you, empowering you. 


JOIN ME DECEMBER 27, 28, 29 & 30TH AT 11 AM EST on Zoom

Over these 4 days we will cover

what you will receive

  • 4 Consecutive Days with me for at least 1hr each day on a group Zoom

  • Workbook with the Breathwork Techniques, Journal Pages and Pages to Track your Goals and Progress

  • Special mp3 Breathwork for Focus​

  • PDF on How to Set Yourself up for Success with your Breathwork Practice

  • You will learn the tools to use your breathwork to recieve CLARITY for 2022!


*funds are in USD


Breathing Meditation


Karen Fasulo teaches breathwork in a way that makes it easy to understand, yet technical enough to explain the biology and physiology of why being mindful about our breathing is so important. I guarentee I will use her techniques for years to come to improve my quality of life!

Warm sweater


Karen's presence and calmness made it easy for me to relax and become fully present during this breathwork masterclass. I love that she explained the physical connection to breathwork so I understood the true value of learning proper techniques and making breathwork part of my life. Her demonstrations were easy to follow and I never felt rushed to learn a technique or while we were practicing a technique.

Calm Woman


Karen's extensive knowledge and experience make learning the breath work easy! There are so many advantages to using breath work each day! I felt so peaceful when the class was done!


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*funds are in USD

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I want to BE READY FOR 2022!

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