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The day that my daughter’s autism diagnosis was confirmed was needless to say an emotional day for me.  All at the same time, I had feelings of fear, uncertainty, confusion, anger, and relief, all taking turns running through my head. 


I pretty much tuned out what the therapist was saying after she told us that she was on the autism spectrum.  She could understand that this was a lot to take in and offered me some literature and suggested I connect with support groups in the area.  I think that actually scared me more than ever.  How bad is this going to be? 


What does this mean for me to have an autistic child? 

Will she be bullied?

Will she have friends?

Will she be able to function as an adult independently?

Will we be able to have normal family vacations? 

How much is all this going to cost? 

How am I going to deal with this all on my own?  

So many questions flooded my head, the thoughts of the answers pulled at my heart. 


As her mom, how was I going to help her?

I want to share my journey with you 

Whether your child has just been diagnosed, you are still waiting for the testing or you have been working with your child for many years, I am here to support you and share with you my trials and tribulations of raising a girl with Autism.  I have been there, the waitlist for programs.  The fear of making the wrong decision.  Not being a good mom.  I support other parents through their own journey, parent to parent.  

I want to share my journey with you.  I am available to speak on your podcast, webinar, or summit.  Online or in person. 


Please help me reach the parents that will benefit from hearing my journey.

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