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Discover How to Have Peace in Your Home Without The Eye Rolls From Your Kids


breaking THROUGH the Eye Rolls is a 5 Step video bundle and worksheets that will guide you through solution-based thinking.

**Save Your Seat now! Price will be going up soon**

If you have been feeling tired of asking OVER and OVER again for your kids to interact with the rest of the family, and NOT getting anywhere....

If you've been going around and around the same fights and not getting any further ahead...

If you have been asking yourself, “ Where did I go Wrong?”

If you keep arguing, battling, and trying to control your kids, then you will run the risk of having a disconnect in your home.

You may be thinking that this is the way that your family life is going to be like from now on......  

...that the arguing, dirty looks, and harsh comments are just normal at this stage of your life.  

The truth of the matter is, you can argue, reason, and yell all you want at your kids and chances are you will not get that relationship you are wanting with them. 

This will only build a bigger wall between you and your kids.

If you want to have peace, happiness, and connection back in your home....

Then read on to find out how in just 5 steps you can start to see results.

Discover How To Have a HAPPY Relationship with Your Kids and Stop Being IGNORED

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The Truth is...

All you need is the DESIRE to have a better, more open and understanding relationship with your kids to start seeing a difference. 

It’s time to stop ignoring the frustrations you feel.

It’s time to stop being ignored by your kids when you ask them a question.

It’s time to stop thinking you can’t do anything about how bad it feels to not connect with your kids and have the relationship you always dreamed of.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I will let you know ANOTHER secret….

Right now is the best time to jump into this training!

The BEST opportunity is for you right now, so it’s time for you to take BACK your relationships and take the lead.

Because I KNOW that this is the best time to establish strong relationships with your kids, I am pulling this one part out of the larger course just because of the times we are in right now.

If you have already been wondering what you can do to make a difference in your family relationships, then I KNOW that you are ready for this Breaking THROUGH the Eye Rolls.

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Happy, healthy, family relationships don't just happen. 

it takes solution-based thinking to keep your family happy. 

I cannot think of one harmonious relationship that does not have its issues.  I also cannot think of a harmonious relationship that does not have a way to compromise and come up with solutions to their problems. 

Because those families already know something that you may not have realized…..until now.  If you continue to argue, yell, and act out of frustration, you will drive a bigger wedge between you and your kids.

 You feel the disconnect.

You spend time trying to reach out and connect with your kids only to not see any results.

This is not new information, you probably already realize that you cannot make them talk to you. 

You cannot make them interact with the family.

And stopping to look within yourself is actually what is stopping you from opening up the lines of communication with your kids.

If you don’t learn to manage your own thoughts, frustrations, and communication with your kids….then where is your relationship going to go? 

How long can you take your family dynamic to be like this? 

What is going the be the deciding factor?

Think about it, if you keep waiting to see if things are going to change, when will that right time ever come?  And you keep waiting to see if your kids will stop rolling their eyes at you when you ask them to do something, or just flat out ignore you. 


You may be wondering why are some families thriving during these times and some are not. 


If you are here, then you know that you need to try something new, something different.  That what you have been doing so far is not working.

Parents can have a harmonious relationship with their kids if they know the steps to open up the lines of communication.  It doesn’t matter what your relationship looks like right now.

In this training, I am going to walk you through the steps to introduce Solution-Based thinking to influence your problem relationships.  

Breaking THROUGH The Eye Rolls

Discover How to Feel Less Frustrated So You Can Finally Have Peace in Your Home

**Save Your Seat now! Price will be going up soon**

A 5 Step Process to Solution-Based Thinking to Having a Better Relationship with Your Kids

You will learn the 5 key steps in changing the way you address the problems in your relationships and turn them into solution-based resolutions.

You will learn what trips most people up and how to take your relationships from frustrating, infuriating, and hurting to harmonious, freeing, and connected. 

You’ll understand the roles that each of the family members are playing to create the disconnect in the family.  NO Matter who you feel is at fault.

You will be guided through the process to identify how the problems have come about, from even before you were being ignored.

You will learn how to activate Solution-based thinking into your family dynamics. (Even if you have tried something similar before)

You will start to see the connection coming back with your family.

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This is a Transformational Experience!

Each module in the Breaking Through The Eye Rolls Course has a video and worksheets to download and help walk you through the process of having Happy Relationships with your Kids and to stop being Ignored.  

You will start Feeling Less Frustrated and More Confident by using this Solution Based Thinking.

Module 1 - Identifying the Problem
Module 2 - Draw Upon Your Own Creativity!
Module 3 - You Have Done This Before
Module 4 - Imagine Your Problem Resolved
Module 5 - Trust And Have Faith In YOURSELF


I found Karen's calm encouragement motivating and non-judgemental. She made me feel like it was ok to admit that I had problems that I had absolutely no solution for. That was empowering for me. Her steps helped me to start the huge task of starting and once I did I was surprised at how much I had to write down. I feel that I will refer to the steps again to break down obstacles that feel too big to deal with going forward. I found the last exercise extremely effective and that left me in a very positive space. Towards the end of the course, I fully trusted Karen's understanding of how to guide moms like me to move from the source of any problem (kid related or not) to a solution. 

Jodi - Mom to Teens

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Karen Anne Fasulo

Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker


My most important qualification is that I am a mom to 3 girls.  After my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism, I learned very quickly that I also required a lot of support.  However, everyone I spoke to didn't understand ME.  The mom.  I had to process everything that my daughter was going through just as much as she did.

8 years later and a lot of learning.  I now use my training to help parents just like YOU navigate through those steps.


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All images, programs are the sole property of KarenAnneFasulo and cannot be replicated or used without the written permission obtained from KarenAnneFasulo 


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