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5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Stop Ignoring YOU!  

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Karen Anne Fasulo

Parenting Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Are you tired of being ignored......

by your kids...

by teachers...

by doctors...

by other family members...


When my daughter was 11, I found out she was Autistic and not just shy.  That was a hard diagnosis to accept for me.  I was so full of fears, anxiety, anger and depression.  All these emotions kept taking turns in my head.  I didn't know where to turn or what to do.  I loved my daughter so much and couldn't believe that this was her future and my family's future.

Now I use all that I learned to Coach Parents Just Like You  go from tired, frustrated, and worried to..... 

Happy, empowered and confident


Hi, I'm Karen

My most important qualification is that I am a mom to 3 girls.  After my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism, I learned very quickly that I also required a lot of support.  However, everyone I spoke to didn't understand ME.  The mom.  I had to process everything that my daughter was going through just as much as she did.

8 years later and a lot of learning.  I now use my training to help parents just like YOU navigate through those steps.


Have you read the articles on how to manage your HFA child?

Have you attended the support groups recommended by doctors?

Have you talked to your family and friends for support?

Do you feel like no one understands what you really need?

Do you feel like your life is spinning out of control?

Are you worried that you are going to do something, and your child will hate you?

Are you completely overwhelmed?

You have tried EVERYTHING and still not getting ANYWHERE?

are you ready to try something different?


here is how I can help you

1 - 1 coaching

I get to know you and your family. After that, I will guide you through the coaching practice to discover the real blocks that are holding you and your family back from the harmony you want.  I am a mother that has been right where you are right now and will use coaching strategies to help you achieve your family relationship goals.

Group Masterclass

The Group Masterclass is a 6-week program based on communication and connecting principles.  This Masterclass will benefit all parents, not just parents of special needs.  By the end of the 6 weeks, you will understand the tools of how to connect with others and form lasting bonds.


Digital Course

Want to go through at your own pace?  Well, then this digital course, Breaking THROUGH the Eye Rolls is a great place to start.  Here I walk you through the 5 steps to solution-based thinking. How To Have a HAPPY Relationship with Your Kids and Stop Being IGNORED.  You will start Feeling Less Frustrated and More Confident with this Solution Based Thinking.  

still not sure

Book a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call.  On this call, we can find out together if we are a good fit.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a positive partnership that focuses on the here and now.  A coach will help guide you to find the right answers for your personal situation.   No two situations are the same so every person will have an individual experience. 

Is coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching is NOT therapy.  Coaching focuses on the present situation and allows you to find the right goals to live the future you want.  Having said that, if at any time during our conversations I feel you would benefit from a registered therapist, I will suggest that to you.  I am also happy to work with your therapist to offer the best possible support. 

What is the cost?

All clients start with a 30 minutes complimentary discovery call.  From there you can decide on the best path forward.  1-on-1 coaching starts at $100 per session, each session is between 60minutes.   

who is coaching for?

how much time is required from me?

Coaching is for anyone who is wanting to have a more positive life moving forward.  You have to be willing to make this change.  I will not tell you what to do.  I will guide you, support you, and encourage you to find the answers that are right in front of you. 

Each session is 60 minutes plus you will have homework to do between the sessions.  The Masterclass is 5 weeks, each week will be a 90-minute call plus homework to do in between sessions.

do you offer a guarantee?

What I can guarantee is that if you are serious about your growth, you are open to the coaching practice and you put the work in, you will have results.  I cannot do the work for you.

want to know more?  reach out to me!

imagine feeling in control of your life

It all begins right here!

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