Where did my customers go?

Updated as of June 11, 2020

With the new market that all businesses are entering into right now, Customer Service strategies are heightened more now than before. Some businesses have been shut down for up to 3 month and could be finding themselves redesigning their businesses. Some entrepreneurs will find this very exciting!

Many people start a business thinking of the sales pitches, marketing strategies, product placement, social media, branding colours, #research and so on. I guess you can say all the “fun” aspects of starting a business.

So you go through all the steps get your product or service out there and people start buying….awesome!!!! And then the comments starts, the good and the bad, how do you handle them?

Customer service strategy is often one of the most overlooked aspects of starting a business.

How do you communicate with your customers? You give them lots of useful content, you offer them a very thought out program, but what if they don’t see the value in your product? Do you just let them go? After all there are millions of people on the web…..you can just get another client. Or how about if they absolutely love your product or service, repeatedly buy and tell their friends….great right….what customer service do you need to do for those people?….they already love you unconditionally......right?…...wrong.