Should I have sent that last email?

5 Key Strategies for writing emails to your customers.

I am sure we have all been there, on the receiving end of an email that has left you thinking….huh?

Just as I am sure that as business owners, we have all sent our fair share of emails that didn’t convey the exact message we intended it to. That is because writing emails for your business to customers is quite delicate.

The balance between company interests and customer interest is sometimes very thin. You need to be aware of your customer needs but still protecting your own business needs at the same time. Both sides can be achieved successfully through setting the right complete tone in your emails.

How do you make sure that the balance is achieved?

Here are 5 simple strategies to think about when you sit down to write your next email:

  1. Categorize your customers! Do all your customers need to have the same information? Segregate your customers into groups. It is just as dangerous to offer too little information to existing customers as it is offering information overload to new customers.

  2. Think like your customer before you write your email. The words may be yours, but they are perceived by your customers. Setting a tone with a degree of warmth in your communications will always be received positively over cold feeling emails. Predict what kind of questions they may have. By including those answers in your original email your customers will gain confidence that you understand your customer's needs. If you are not sure what type of questions your customers may have, look back in your history to what responses you did receive to previous emails, is there a pattern? Is there the same kind of information being requested after an email is sent? That is a big indicator that your customers are looking for that kind of information and it should be included in your original email.

  3. Punctuation is very tricky…..what may seem like an innocent gesture, may be taken the wrong way. When communicating from a business perspective, it is best to stay away from emoticons. Overuse of exclamation marks