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5 Steps to make sure you are ready for the “New Normal”

I am not sure about you, but I am a bit unsure about what the working world will look like once we officially open up for business.

Most of us have had time to reflect and evaluate our lives prior to the pandemic. I know I have been going through everything. My career opportunities, my personal relationships, reorganizing my house. I now can look in the mirror and no longer get startled by the amount of grey hair I see. I can look beyond the grey and see me. I have to admit that this is something I have not been able to do for quite some time. Life was so busy. I would think that by taking care of my outside appearance, I was taking care of myself. Which Is really only part of it and believe me, as soon as I can get into the salon I will be there. But the lesson I have learned will not be covered up as quickly as this grey hair will. To see my true self has brought a calmness I did not expect. It really has been exactly what I have been searching for blindly, for so many years.

It takes 40 days to really solidify a new routine. After 40 days it becomes a habit. Most of us have been in self-isolation for 40 days. What habit have you taken on?

We all experienced uncertainty going into this pandemic and we will experience uncertainty moving into the “new normal”. However, you do not need to experience uncertainty with where you will fit in any longer.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to reflect on what will be important to you. I encourage you to write your answers down with a pen on a piece of paper. There actually is a scientific proof that handwriting your notes provides a stronger conceptual understanding than typing or just thinking. You will also have a greater chance of remembering what you wrote down.

What is the 1 new non-negotiable from your daily routine now that you will make sure is a part of your routine moving forward?

For me, it is my meditation routine. I have been struggling with solidifying a daily meditation routine for over a year. I would get on track and then life would happen and throw me off. I have now had the opportunity to commit, I get up earlier than I ever have before. I have a solid foundation now and feel the benefits it brings to my life. My meditation practice will be a non-negotiable part of my routine moving forward.

What is the 1 thing that you have not been able to do during the pandemic that you will no longer take for granted again?

Could be meeting a friend for a coffee, or a drink. Going out for dinner with a group of friends. Dating. Or maybe it is Sunday night dinner with the entire family. I would sometimes think about the Sunday night dinner at my parents house, and just want to stay home after a busy week. Relax and take a bath. But I can tell you that the first thing my kids and I want to do after all this, is go for a great big family dinner at my parents house. Never again will I take for granted the Sunday night family dinner.

What new work routine will you keep? Something that has made you or your business more efficient that you never would have thought you needed before?

Could it be that you are more efficient working from home, even part time. Could it be that online program that has taken your business to the next level. Everyone now is comfortable with video conferencing, will that become a new normal for your business. Will that save you or your business money on travel expenses?

How will you incorporate your new non-negotiable routine, both personally and professionally into your life after the pandemic is over?

Take your time and really think about this. Design what your new life will look like. With what is now important to you. It is best to do this practice now, when you are in the moment. Do not wait or think about it, just write about it.

What would you like the future generation to know about your experience through this pandemic? What are your key takeaways?

We have an opportunity to capture what this world reset feels like. Much like the people before us during the Spanish Flu of 1918, where similar language of social distancing and lock downs were put in place to stop the spread of the virus. History repeats itself. What is your story that you want to tell?

These questions will be in a pdf download, grab and print off. Try this positive exercise with your family. You may be surprised to learn what their new non-negotiable will be.

Feel free to share with your team, you can see where their mindset is at and be able to support them moving forward into this new normal we are all about to create.

Stay safe and be well and have a fabulous day!

Karen Anne Fasulo


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